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1SLE 2K16

In 2016 I was given a special opportunity to be a part of a very unique and different learning environment. I had expressed an interest in to moving towards teaching in the senior school, and had a strong desire to return to Te Huringa Rūmaki Reo due to my passion for Te Reo Maori.

As a result management offered me an opportunity to move between the two language units and take my passion for ICT and inquiry learning to the next level. I selected 11 of my top academic students from the class I had in 2015 in Te Rōpū Reo Rua, and merged them with the top academic learners from Te Huringa. This created a mixed year 7-8 class with students from both the Bi-lingual and total immersion units from our school.

My class was the only 1-1 digital learning environment in the school at the time, and students were learning in both Te Reo Maori and Te Reo Pakeha. Each student in my class had their own blog and google docs account, which is an initiative I implemented. It was later adopted to the wider school in 2017.

Our classroom programme was strongly focused on ngā tāonga horamata (Virtues) and infused with ICT integration across all areas. ICT implementation is based on the SAMR model, in an effort to create confident, connected, 21st century learners. 

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